Make 2016 the Safest year yet with Clear Vacuum Tank Safety Goals

New Septic Vacuum Tank Safety

Every year thousands of people create a list of resolutions to improve their lives in one fashion or another. Some will choose to visit a new location, lose some weight or some other personal development goal. What we desire to change in our lives may vary from year to year but improving the vacuum tank safety we experience at work should be near the top of everyone’s list each January. Industrial accidents are Read More

8 Tips for Vacuum Truck Shoppers

Portable-Toilet Vacuum Truck

Vaccuum Trucks are growing in demand The market for used vacuum trucks keeps getting larger, while demand is growing. But when shopping for a pre-owned vacuum truck, be sure it is affordable. For more and more septic contractors, the trucks are heavily in demand. Why? That’s because lead time for new truck deliveries is rising to more than six months, while vehicles pre-owned are getting increasingly more Read More

Vacuum Truck Winter-Weather Service Tips

Peterbilt Vacuum Truck

Temperatures can reach extreme levels during the winter months. Protecting the vacuum truck and keeping it clean requires a basic knowledge of winterization. Here are some winter tips. Top winterization tips The plumbing lines are prone to freezing during winter months. To protect the water system, winterize it before the colder months hit. Winterization should take place whenever significant seasonal weather Read More

Preventing Septic System Damage Caused By Floods

Septic Flooding Damage

Septic systems located in areas prone to flooding need to have a backflow preventer so that sewage won't be able to go back into the home when a flood occurs. Backflow preventers work better than simple check valves, as the latter may not close properly during a flood. There are also several things to do immediately prior, during and after the flood. Just before the flood: If a flood is imminent and the home's Read More