7 Ways to Make It to the Top in Septic Pumping

Google is a place where people should be able to find your business without fail. It should be one of the easiest things you do, but you can do an experiment that is going to show you that you might not be that hard to find. You can Google yourself pretty easily, or you can just Google septic pumping to see if you can even find yourself. You are probably not anywhere near the top, but you will find a thousand companies that deliver pizza in your area if you search for pizza.

Consider how much business you are missing out on, and now think about how you are going to find the customers you want. They need to find you by doing that search for septic pumping, and you can make sure that that happens if you follow all these steps so that you do not get passed over again.

You need to get a local SEO company profile that is going to help you make sure that you show that you are in a certain place. You can go to Google places to get your local profile, and they just ask you to verify a few things. You can show where your business actually is, and that is going to come up on a map when people search for things that your business does. You can also show that you are near other towns. Claiming these surrounding areas is going to be much better for you because it allows you to show that you have a metro area that you serve.

Load some pictures to your profile that will show your business and the area where you work. You need to give people an idea of who you are, and you need to make sure that you load pictures that make your business look fun. Load a picture of your location, load a picture of the staff and load a picture that shows that you can have fun. You are not going to be much fun unless you load pictures, and people will not bite unless you have good pictures that make you look approachable.

Make sure that you have contact information on your Google places, and you will be able to get calls from people who just click on the phone number or emails when they click your email. You are trying to make your page easy to use, and it will not be unless you have all the contact information on the page.

You need to make sure that this same information is updated on your website. Google is actually going to check this to make sure that they have placed you in the right spot, and they will keep checking. You need to keep updating if there is a change, and Google will call you out on discrepancies if there are any.

You need to encourage people to go on your Google places account and leave reviews. You need to have good reviews, but you can even respond to respond bad reviews to show that you take care of everyone. A lot of reviews are going to help because they are going to make you look busy, and that is a very important thing that you can do. Otherwise, people will think you have no customers or do not have a service worth reviewing.

Set up more than one page if you have multiple locations. This means that you need to make sure that you give the actual location on the name of the page. You are telling people where that location is, and you need to put in all the unique information for that site so that people can get in touch with you. Otherwise, they are going to wonder how they can reach you at that other location.

You need to do this on Yahoo and Bing to make sure that you have as much coverage as possible for the term septic pumping. You also want to make sure that your Facebook page has all the same information. People might find you there, and there are maps on Facebook that people can follow to you, or they can click the phone number to call you instantly.