How to Find Portable Sanitation Bid Work

Where to Find Portable Sanitation bid for you Business

You are looking for new customers and don’t know where to turn? Not to worry! There are a lot of portable sanitation contracts available. You just need to know where to look for them, and place that portable sanitation bid.

When looking to grow your new business and find those customers, you need to turn to your nearest municipality. This means turning to your local government offices, small towns and state departments.
Why look for these customers? When it comes to city and county contract work everyone is on a level playing field. That’s what makes it a good opportunity for new business owners. These are the customers that give you more experience and customer visibility.

This is great news, but as a new contractor you need to be aware that you won’t win every portable sanitation bid; nine out of these ten contracts are won solely off of price. While that may not be wonderful, it is if you look at it from this angle; you are on the equal of larger companies with higher overhead, which means you can bid a smaller amount and keep more of the profits.

Where Do You Find These Jobs?
The secret to finding these jobs is to find the projects requiring bids, and the place to do that is through online research. Look up all the towns you might be interested in working for. While doing that, be sure to look for the counties and states as well. Find the purchasing websites for each locality. Note that these websites are ever evolving, and may post jobs on one site one month and change them to state websites then next.

Visit the websites on a weekly basis, especially during bidding periods, which is generally in the first trimester of the year, but can continue throughout.

Don’t Give Up
Finding contracts takes persistence in the beginning. Customers need to know you and prices will vary. Still you must realize that these are beginner contracts and will be some of the lowest priced contracts you ever win. Just remember, keep your bids low and you’ll start to get a few contracts under your belt.

Towns, cities and counties are a great way to get customers and keep drivers busy. It helps you advertise your new business and pull in higher paying clients for your new portable toilet sanitation business.