Proper Training for Restroom Truck Employees

Hardworking and Long-Term Restroom Truck Employees

Restroom Truck drivers do not typically brag about their glamorous jobs . Restroom Truck driver positions require dedicated and hard working employees. The hard worker is one that is valuable. Success and long-term employment will usually occur when proper training is provided.

Training is a Key to Success
If an employer would like a long-term employee who works hard, it will be important to keep in mind that good training will be the key to success. This is a very big key that will be valuable. A technician can be a long-term employee with proper training. When a technician is well-trained right from the start, they will be a dedicated and loyal employee for years to come. Long-term results will come with good training.

A Sensible Training Process

There is a simple and sensible training process in place that is effective. The first two steps of this process include:
1 a road test with the fleet manager
2. a drug test
The first two steps will weed out any problematic applicants. If the applicant passes the first two steps of the process, their references and experienced will be viewed in order to determine if they will be hired. Once hired, they will have two weeks of shadowing. The new driver will drive the truck while learning the route. Extra training is provided in order to learn the following:
* cleaning a restroom
* pre-trip procedures
* post-trip procedures
When the new driver is in the shadowing period, The lead driver and the dispatcher will provide valuable feedback. This includes feedback about the following:
* how instructions were followed
* was the driver safe?
* were good communication skills shown?
* was any questionable behavior displayed?
These are items that will be taken into consideration along with other items.

After Two Weeks
At the end of two weeks, the applicant will be given their own route. This will happen if they have shown that they are capable with their skills. Every applicant will then be watched for the next couple of months. This is a period for watching for any customer complaints along with any potential problems. The customer’s will provide excellent feedback. This will offer many good insights about the driver. This is insight about the driver’s overall ability to do the job properly. There is not a guarantee that every driver will work out well. There have been occasions when a driver has come from another restroom company. It can be a challenge to make them conform to new standards and different methods. It is good practice to provide exceptional training.