Slide-In Tanks

Robinson Vacuum Tanks is a leading slide-in tank manufacturer. Our flanged/dished (FD) and "soup can" (SC) Series tanks offer capacities ranging from 300 gallons to 1,500 gallons. You may choose the configuration of your tank by selecting the tank style, vacuum pump, and other options to best meet your specific needs.

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Model #Product info
FD SeriesThe FD Series is available in both single-compartment and multiple-compartment models. Manufactured from aluminum, this tank offers two choices for configuration; “RE” (Pump located on rear (end) side of tank), and “SE” (Pump located on side of tank and set up for conventional mount). With its robust engineering, the FD series includes larger capacity tanks than the more compact SC design.
SC SeriesThe SC ("Soup Can") Series from Robinson Vacuum Tanks offers both single-compartment and two-compartment models. Manufactured from aluminum, this tank can be configured with your choice of five stock vacuum pumps; additional options include a rear engine pump or side engine pump for flatbeds. With their compact design, most SC Series units can be also be configured with the tank transverse.